About Your Therapy Source

Your Therapy Source is a therapist owned business that provides therapy services to healthcare providers across the state of Texas. YTS has the back office operations, recruiting, customer service and technology teams to help health care providers succeed in a changing healthcare environment. Our partnership with over 300 providers across the state of Texas and in-house support and resources help clinicians to take charge of their careers by building caseloads in desired service areas. Our mission is to match exceptional clinicians with quality healthcare providers to deliver the excellent patient care.

We scour the community for the best clinical talent available. Our clinical director works with our independent contractor therapists to support them and encourage their professional growth. The result is top level credentialed therapists with a strong foundation in education, skill, experience and training. The result is providing quality professionals to assist you in caring for your patients, creating a stable solution for your needs.

yts-therapistHOW DO WE DO IT?
We do it right. We are known for high levels of:

  • satisfaction
  • timely responsive service
  • detailed documentation
  • Compliance to regulation

Every aspect of our offering to you is designed to provide deep, lasting value. In providing you with more than just a temporary gain, we seek to build a lasting partnership that you won’t want to be without. We view ourselves as an extension of your organization. We hope you will come to think on us as the partner standing behind you, working to realize the kind of mutual benefit that can only arise from natural alignment.