At Your Therapy Source (YTS) we realize we’re only as good as our people. The great news is, we have the best on our team!

Case in point, meet Joseph Edwards.

He’s been practicing physical therapy for more than 20 years. He decided he wanted to pursue physical therapy after seeing the benefits first hand as a high school athlete–He played all-state football and ran track. He earned his doctorate of physical therapy at Florida A&M where he attended on a full academic scholarship and graduated with honors.

Prior to moving to Texas, Joseph and his wife owned and operated a private physical therapy practice in Mississippi. Additionally, they established a physician-office-based outpatient facility in Louisiana.
While he has experience in skilled nursing, acute care, rehab and outpatient, Joseph says he found his calling in home care, where he’s practiced for 15 years.

Here’s more from Joseph about why he chose home health and YTS:

“Caring for patients in the home is special because we’re able to dedicate time to one patient per session as opposed to splitting time between multiple clients. This focused care allows me to best care for my patients and see the results. It’s motivating and reminds me why I do what I do on a daily basis.  
I chose to work with YTS because I felt like they would offer me the opportunity to provide autonomous patient care in a manner that I could best serve my patients. I have been working with YTS for  approximately 18 months. I really enjoy it.” 

When Joseph isn’t caring for patients, you can find him working on cars, fishing and growing his own food.