Did you know October is Physical Therapy Month?

In honor of the occasion, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) wants to take the opportunity to to address the opioid crisis. According to APTA, Americans continue to be prescribed and misuse opioids at alarming rates. This October for Physical Therapy Awareness Month, APTA is raising awareness of physical therapy as a safe and effective alternative to opioids for treatment of chronic pain conditions. To spread the word, APTA created it’s #ChoosePT campaign.

You can learn about #ChoosePT and find ways to support APTA’s efforts locally by visiting the online campaign tool kit.

Since, as we mentioned, October is Physical Therapist Month, we thought we’d introduce you to one of our finest physical therapists, Leta Boatman.

Leta has been practicing PT for 30 years and has been in home health specifically for more than 20.  She feels especially impassioned by the home setting because she feels she can make a lasting difference in patients’ long term health.

When she’s not caring for her patients, Leta enjoys traveling and spending time with her family–especially her two grand daughters (pictured below).